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Naked Ass For Whipping

Friday, January 24th, 2014

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Naked Ass Whipped

I absolutely love the way this worthless whore is bound up. She is in the perfect position to get her naked ass whipped until it burns bright red then fucked until she can’t stand up. The nice thing about this rig is that the slut can’t do anything accept cry out at getting a whipped ass and then moan and groan from a deep, hard fucking that you know she’s going to love. I guarantee that this is one naked ass whipped that you don’t want to miss. If there has ever been a more beautiful whipped ass, I haven’t seen it.

School-girl ass whipping!

Thursday, January 16th, 2014


Every once in awhile we have a girl come through the doors that really likes to be degraded, I mean REALLY likes it. Milcah is a local submissive looking for an intense real experience with lesbian BDSM and Felony delivers. Milcah is shown no mercy and gets exactly what she came here for. Uncomfortable bondage, spanking, hard caning, squirting, foot worship, ass licking, pussy fucking and strap-on anal in bondage!

Lesbian Bare Ass Whipped

Monday, January 13th, 2014

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Bare Ass Whipped

Damn Sam! You that this ass whipped lesbian is enjoying a world of hurt. The way her arms are bound up behind her has got to be hell and getting her bare ass whipped is icing on the cake. Just knowing that there is no way she can resist the stinging blows of her ruthless Mistress makes it even more intense. Having an ass whipped lesbian tied spread eagle to the floor leaves her vulnerable to most any kind of assault her merciless Mistress might have in mind for her. Don’t miss her seeing this bare ass whipped. You’ll regret it!